In contrast to cryptocurrencies, most stock markets only trade from Monday to Friday and during a […]
You might have already heard about biases and how they affect our decision-making process, oftentimes leading […]
QRM-Exchange Overview qmrExchange is an open-source financial markets exchange simulator that realistically mimics all the main […]
What is the FIX protocol? The FIX protocol, shorthand for “Fixed Information eXchange,” is an electronic […]
Yahoo Finance is definitely one of the most popular sources of stock market data available for […]
Over the years, there have been numerous researchers, including several Nobel Prize winners in economics, who […]
When it comes to machine learning and statistics in general or trading in particular, accuracy serves […]
Since the creation of financial markets, operations have been carried out manually by people. Starting in […]
Trading is no longer a career practiced only by financial professionals. This can be attributed to […]
When it comes to evaluating companies and creating investment strategies, the efficient market hypothesis serves as […]
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