Inflation is the sustained increase in the prices of goods and services during a given period […]
How can we maximize profitability and minimize risk? This is supposed to be the bread and […]
Copy-trading can generate significant profits as well as substantial losses. Therefore, for this system to be […]
If you’ve ever come across an article describing a trading strategy that is supposed to be […]
When it comes to creating trading bots and algorithmic trading in general, there are countless approaches […]
Much like with any other difficult endeavor, it is a good practice to read about the […]
There is a lot of talk about the type of computer that is required to comfortably […]
When talking about algorithmic trading, server or exchange colocation is one of those terms that get […]
If you’ve been trading in a discretionary and manual fashion for some time, you might be […]
To recommend a backtesting library, I considered many relevant aspects when choosing any library. Not only […]
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