When it comes to adopting a serious approach with regard to financial markets and trading, backtesting […]
Paper trading has proven to be a valuable tool both for new and experienced traders to […]
When talking about financial market institutions, it is common to make an artificial distinction between buy-side […]
Most experienced traders who have ever come up with a profitable strategy have eventually also seen […]
Having access to reliable, clean, and live data is one of the most important requirements for […]
Although the term alternative data or “alt-data” has been used in hedge funds and proprietary firms […]
If you follow the news and trends of the finance industry in general and the financial […]
The idea of a trading floor filled with people yelling at each other is, of course, […]
If you recently had a gathering with a couple of friends back from high school, you […]
You might have noticed that in recent years there has been an increase in the popularity […]
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